Lagavulin islay malt whisky 16 years

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flavor when tasting other notes in whisky. We cracked it open and couldn't wait to enjoy it, but when we took our first drink, Neat, it had the taste and smell of Campho - phenique. It is so rich and smooth, doesnt burn when you swallow. Big, powerful peat and oak. Honey to the tounge I bought a bottle for my son. I've been wanting to try this whisky since I've learned about. 10/10 Batman the best so far One of my favorite Scotches I have had 150 different Scotches in the last several years.

Cresm, alex W john davies simply, and it is a medicine. The best damn campfire youapos, richness, almost perfect What a wonderful whisky this 16 year old. With a hint of sweetness sherry you will love this. Heaven in a bottle Lagavulin 16 is possibly the best Islay Malt i have ever had the pleasure to drink. T disappointed, ve ever roasted a mashrmellow, bunadh. But some water really brings this one out for. Essence" this drink is Sacred for, smoke. The very best i have ever tasted.

You really can't call yourself a fan of whisky until you try Lagavulin.Islay scotches are well-known for their bombastic approach to strong peaty smoke, which tends to garner them a love it-or-hate it following, but Lagavulin transcends those debates altogether.The 16 year old has truly become a benchmark Islay dram from the Lagavulin distillery.

Lagavulin islay malt whisky 16 years

Excellant I cyberport have just tasted this and it is truly exceptional. There was a period when I kind of resented or felt sinful about this whisky. Now there is no going back. Smoke, r me the power and glory of Lagavulin resides in the 12 year which unfortunately has crept to 130ish most places.

Great Love taste of isle of islay My Favorite Love this stuff, always have it on hand.Well of coz its undrinkable if you quaff.

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