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visit? Cancelled flights, luggage lost for 5 days, impossible to call the airline in US - nobody answers the line or you get put on hold for hours and hours. They say your issue needs a manager and the manager will call you back, but they never. Here in Chicago, they simply say that it will show up when it does. Yes 0 no 0 12:06:00, florian. They delayed our flight by app 6 hours, rerouted it and delayed arrival at the final destination by 11 hours. And when I asked for a compensation they told that that's not their problem as it was the airports fault.

Air berlin stockholm

Please DO NOT travel with this company FOR ANY price. The suit bag is not allowed as personal carry. They lost my suitcase and kraftfahrzeug have not heard anything yet from Air Berlin. I just phoned eurocar Milan Linate Airport and they had no idea if our luggage was there only to declare that it may still be in Berlin 00 Guest Flew SAN AA LAX AB DUS AB SZG AB on August 2526. However, waiting for days in the hotel for my luggage to be delivered.

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M camping fritz berger certainly not flying with them until things get resolved 00 Niall Lost baggage between Berlin and Gdansk. It had to be sitting there for quite some time to fade that bad. Niki in my experience is nsistent. I am still struggling to get the money.

Thank you very much.Saatwinkler Damm 42-43, d-13627, berlin, germany, more contacts.

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